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Top 10 Dry Construction Solution Companies - 2021

Today, discerning buyers have set high expectations for product quality, timely completion and service from the real estate developers. In addition, the issues of rising cost inflation to this and it is clear that rapid and significant transformation in real estate construction practices is the need of the hour. Light-weight dry construction techniques originated from a need to minimize the mass without compromising on the structural strength. Unlike the traditional method—dry construction techniques involve light-weight construction of interior walls, ceilings and floors, using plastered or microfiber boards that are joined at the time of installation. Dry construction techniques focus on generating minimum construction waste and also helps to preserve room temperature and provide energy efficiency. Furthermore, being notably lighter than the traditional brick and cement work allows builders up to 70 percent saving of construction time. The growing use of dry construction techniques is primarily owed to its advantages, such as ease of repairs, renovation and maintenance combined with improved building mechanics superior sound insulation and fire protection. For instance, the width of the wall constructed with dry construction techniques is only 80 mm in comparison to the 200 mm standard walls made of brick, leading to an increase of the carpet area in the process. With an increasing commitment to sustainability in all aspects of construction, the Global Dry Construction market size is projected to reach USD 120360 million by 2026. ‘Green’ dry construction technologies involving re-manufacturing, durability, low-maintenance, recycling and reuse is touted to be the future of best construction practices. To bridge the gap between businesses and consulting/service providers that are transforming business processes through their insights and technological prowess, this edition of Construction Tech Review brings you the “Top 10 Dry Construction Solution Companies- 2021.” This list gives you some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that have excelled with their services and solutions portfolio to help organisations develop desired operational and business outcomes. Let us know your thoughts.

    Top Dry Construction Solution Companies

  • Provides metal stud framing, drywall, insulation, and acoustical ceilings

  • New Orleans Glass (NOG) is a trusted name renowned for providing high-quality glazing, glass walls, and custom engineered solutions across the Gulf South. Whether it's design-assist and pre-construction, custom and pre-fabricated windows and curtain walls, hurricane-rated solutions, historic windows, steel windows, glass entryways, skylights, and railing, or storefronts and entrances, NOG offers them all. The company principally uses unitized curtain walls. These walls are factory assembled, glazed, and then shipped to the job site in units rather than being glazed, completed, and installed on the site. Apart from curtain walls, NOG manufactures elements that are to be integrated within its systems, including thin brick technology, fire-rated curtain walls, terrace doors, storm louvers, and integral sun shades

  • Leading manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors with unique HydroShield Technology, advanced Polyfiber frames, and other millwork products

  • Armstrong World Industries

    Armstrong World Industries

    Armstrong World Industries is a producer of flooring products and ceiling systems

  • Avanti Systems

    Avanti Systems

    Avanti Systems is known for the innovative design, manufacturing and distribution of interior glazed solutions, including acoustic solutions, operable walls and door systems

  • Commercial Wallboard Systems

    Commercial Wallboard Systems

    Commercial Wallboard Systems, Inc. is a drywall company and specializes in all forms of metal stud framing, drywall, and finish work

  • Elicc Group

    Elicc Group

    Elicc Americas provides curtain wall manufacturing and curtain wall design services

  • Etex Group

    Etex Group

    Etex offers products including fittings and accessories for pressure or gravity-fed piping, rainwater gulliers, roofing, masonry and carpentry products and fiber reinforced cement products

  • Mammoth company

    Mammoth company

    Mammoth offers designing, engineering, and fabricating high-quality controlled building enclosures quickly, safely, and efficiently reducing the risk

  • Therma-Tru Doors

    Therma-Tru Doors

    Therma-Tru offers a complete portfolio of entry and patio door system solutions, including decorative glass doorlites, sidelites, transoms, and door components

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