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Shirley Wang, Founder and CEO, PlastproShirley Wang, Founder and CEO
Front doors draw more attention than any other part of the house; it’s where people greet their friends and family. A door serves as the passageway for people to go on about their daily lives and welcomes them to their families and homes. Moreover, a door is chosen not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for safety from outside elements, animals, and intruders. While wood and steel doors have been historically preferred, fiberglass doors offer the best of both worlds: the elegant designs of wood but more durable.

"We know how important it is to choose a door that best represents you, makes you feel secure, and fits your needs," says Shirley Wang, CEO and founder of Plastpro, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors. Since 1994, Plastpro has been providing superior fiberglass doors with the best value, technology, and commitment to customers. Plastpro's fiberglass doors are not susceptible to weather damage, require less maintenance, and offer the highest performance ratings. Moreover, the range of designs offers the perfect solution for customers in search of doors that serve as a reflection of their homes and themselves.

While working as an account executive for Citigroup, Shirley Wang decided to venture into the fiberglass door manufacturing industry. Despite being new to the industry, she confidently showcased Plastpro's innovative fiberglass doors at various trade shows and continued to persevere and carve the company's position in the industry. Fueled by a willingness to meet customers' unique demands, the company began to grow rapidly, overcoming multiple hurdles along the way, including a lawsuit for fiberglass door patents. While other fiberglass door manufacturing companies were negatively impacted by the lawsuit, Plastpro prevailed after ten years of litigation and emerged as the leading fiberglass door manufacturer in the U.S. Plastpro's success can be attributed to its continued commitment to quality, leveraging precision manufacturing rather than cutting corners for short term gains.

Diverse Range of Doors for Every Need

Over the years, Plastpro has addressed several challenges, ranging from market conditions to raw material shortage, but the company has succeeded in coming out on top every time. This has also enabled Plastpro to take a step back and reposition for growth, developing a larger product portfolio to satisfy market demands. Take, for instance, Plastpro's patented HydroShield technology. This unique design protects doors against moisture and humidity infiltration by creating a fully composite barrier that encases each door on all six sides. "HydroShield technology prevents warping, delamination, corrosion, rotting, and the buildup of mold and mildew," explains Shirley Wang. A weatherproof entryway is not complete without also considering the door frame's material. For this reason, Plastpro offers Polyfiber (PF) door frames, an innovative alternative to traditional door jambs.
Wood frames can warp, rot, and crack, while steel frames can rust and dent. However, PF door frames are uniquely formulated to combine the beauty of wood and retain durability and thermal resistance. Combined with the HydroShield technology, PF door frames create an impenetrable entryway. This also enhances a door's soundproofing capabilities and provides insulation up to six times greater than wood doors.

Plastpro's fiberglass doors require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan, but feature the beauty and elegance of wood. Product offerings should fit any style preferences and include a variety of rich grain textures, such as rustic, mahogany, and oak, as well as a smooth finish option. To match modern trends towards more natural light, Plastpro offers the Nova Series, with glass that is directly glazed into the door for a seamless look. The large pane of glass allows a significant amount of light to enter inside and allows for the greatest views Plastpro also has the Onelite series, which features generous portions of a fine, flush glazed glass with a removable stop to allow the glass to be switched without changing the entire door. In addition, Plastpro offers five series of specialty doors, developed and tested to comply with specific safety and performance standards, while offering the same style and weatherproofing as all Plastpro doors. For instance, the company's Fire Rated doors can withstand fire for a minimum of 20 minutes, and certain models are able to hold off the fire for 60-90 minutes. For homes in areas with severe weather, Plastpro's High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) impact doors are engineered to withstand the force of flying objects. "Plastpro's doors are created, tested, and certified to meet the most stringent wind and impact code requirements in the U.S.," says Marcel Chehade, Plastpro’s Director of Sales.

Plastpro's diverse range of doors may seem overwhelming, but the company's Doorability Visualization Tool allows homeowners to visualize their dream entry door with minimal setup. "Users can upload a photo of their home, outline the location of their existing door, and select one from the company's collection to see whether it matches their requirements," says Blake Huang, Marketing Manager at Plastpro. The company also provides detailed product documents, including specification sheets, BIM Model, and AutoCAD, so that architects, builders, and design professionals can design houses with ease.

Stringent Testing to Ensure the Highest Quality

Plastpro's fully automated fiberglass door factory is located in Ashtabula, Ohio, and the 300,000 square foot production facility produces a million finished doors per year. The company also has a state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility that ensures the quality of Plastpro's doors continues to meet or exceed customer expectations. The tests conducted at the company’s testing laboratory are the Cycle Test, which involves slam shutting the door for several thousand cycles ensuring the structure of the door being intact. These tests are designed to replicate the force of an external impact by foreign objects during a hurricane and also the low and high pressure that a house is subjected to. The test results are analyzed to ensure the doors comply with safety codes, and at the same time, the data is used to improve the product.

On the distribution front, Plastpro has chosen to build partnerships with various distributors since its inception instead of selling doors directly to consumers. The extensive distributor network reaches across the country, adding an additional level of personalized service and trust to Plastpro products. Plastpro also partners with architects and builders, and aims to provide valuable resources for those in the building industry. This includes AIA courses in sustainable design, fiberglass doors, impact code requirements, and more. For builders, Plastpro provides marketing assistance, displays for model homes, rebates, and guidance when building design centers.

What Lies Ahead

Plastpro's goal is to create positive change for its employees, customers, and community. The company actively supports Habitat for Humanity, and has provided the fiberglass doors to construct 100 homes. The company has also donated three technology labs to the public schools of Ashtabula County, Ohio, and established the Plastpro Family Education Endowment Fund at Glenbeigh Hospital, which provides educational opportunities to families impacted by addiction.

As it invests in the community, Plastpro also continues to reinvest in itself and prepare for the future. A current focus is transitioning its current facility into a smart factory. The end goal is to better serve homeowners and enhance the customer experience. "Plastpro continues to innovate and develop a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles that are bound to complement everyone's homes," concludes Walter Wang, Chairman, Plastpro.
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Los Angeles, CA

Shirley Wang, Founder and CEO and Walter Wang, Chairman, Marcel Chehade, Director of Sales and Brian Slawson, Plant Manager

Leading manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors with unique HydroShield Technology, advanced Polyfiber frames, and other millwork products


"HydroShield technology prevents warping, delamination, corrosion, rotting, and the buildup of mold and mildew"

- Shirley Wang, Founder and CEO

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