Plastpro: Providing a Superior Dry Construction Product

Shirley Wang, President, PlastproShirley Wang, President
What makes our products truly different is that we have been willing to listen to the customer and customize products according to their needs,” says Shirley Wang, the President of Plastpro. Since its inception in 2005, Plastpro has maintained its leadership position in the dry construction space by providing a maintenance-free solution with its Hydroshield Technology. It ensures all six sides of a door are waterproof and maintenance free.

Plastpro did not align with the trend of outsourcing and went to Ohio to build the world’s first fully automated fiberglass door factory. The goal was to serve customers better and faster and, most important, provide precision manufacturing which ensures quality time after time. Today, Plastpro’s products are sold through distributors but can be found on Amazon and in Home Depot.

Plastpro’s fiberglass door skins are made of sheet molding compound with reinforced fiberglass, which provides durability, strength, and impenetrability. The polyurethane foam that the company uses in the doors gives a high insulation value. Its Hydroshield Technology makes all six sides of the door resistant to water.
The company also offers impact doors that pass the HVHZ codes allowing them to withstand hurricanes.

Plastpro not only cares about the outer beauty of the door, but also the inner beauty. Many of its clients have seaside homes and want to have beautiful views of the ocean. Plastpro’s doors offer one of the largest glass sizes, which is also resistant to the outdoor elements of salt, water, and sand. Its PF frames are the only water-resistant frames that can withstand almost any of the natural elements that typically result in wear and tear.

“If you rip apart our doors and compare the insides of other companies’ doors, you’ll find that Plastpro doors have the best materials and construction,” states Wang.

This has been possible due to Plastpro’s automated manufacturing processes. If there’s an error in production, Plastpro will catch it, correct it, and systemize the improvement. Compared to its competitors, the company is always using the most advanced technology methods, and this is the key factor that keeps them a notch above the rest.

If you rip apart our doors and compare the insides of other companies’ doors, you’ll find that Plastpro doors have the best materials and construction

Plastpro has many new projects coming up and is focused on continuing to grow and attract new talent. Lately, Wang has attracted new talent that has opened her eyes to new things and ways of doing things, and that has been pretty inspiring for her.

“I am not looking for an exit plan, or quarterly results, but am rather building this company to be one that lasts well beyond my tenure – I am growing this company so that it will last for generations to come. We’re not going for the sprint, but the marathon,” says Wang.

Plastpro wants its products to be able to withstand anything – hurricanes, winds, and fires. Under Wang’s leadership, the company is taking a step-by-step approach to improvement without any shortcuts.

“We’re not going for the sprint, but the marathon by focusing on quality and value,” says Wang.
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Los Angeles, CA

Shirley Wang, President

Founded in 1994 and based in Los Angeles, CA, Plastpro has always believed in providing a superior fiberglass door with the best value, technology, and commitment to its customers. The company introduced the first fiberglass door with composite stiles and rails, HydroShield technology, and composite Polyfiber (PF) Frames to the market.


"If you rip apart our doors and compare the insides of other companies’ doors, you’ll find that Plastpro doors have the best materials and construction"

- Shirley Wang, President

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