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Gurley Jr., Founder, and Partner, 3G DrywallGurley Jr., Founder, and Partner
The pandemic’s unprecedented impact and speed disrupted the construction industry last year with challenges of new operating protocols such as governmental restrictions and increased job site safety regulations for social distancing on construction sites. Since the start of 2021, as global economies are on the cusp of recovery— the construction industry has witnessed steady growth. However, these business gains in the sector have also adversely affected its overwhelmed supply chain, which is yet to recuperate fully from the slump. Issues stemming from supply chain disruptions have created additional obstacles due to increased expenditures, lack of time-efficient material deliveries, and completion delays. Furthermore, construction projects face a shortage of robust and skilled labor force as companies furlough workers to cut costs. With project complexity and risks increasing, it is clear that rapid and significant transformation in construction practices is the need of the hour. Construction companies must understand the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on each project, predict slippages in expenses, and time to review and accommodate planning and communicate new milestones with all stakeholders. This is where 3G Drywall has exceeded expectations by providing innovative solutions to meet clients’ demands for high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable construction projects.

Founded in 2016, the family-owned and operated company offers metal stud framing, drywall, insulation, and acoustical ceilings installation services for commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, data centers, office buildings, shopping centers, and more. “We strive to be game-changers in the drywall industry by going the extra mile to meet the complex demands of our clients while transforming the drywall industry by leading, innovating, and providing superior service. It is incredible to see where we are in just 5 years,” begins Ray Gurley Jr., Founder, and Partner at 3G Drywall.

With a combined experience of over 40 years in the commercial drywall space, 3G Drywall has set itself apart as a leader in the industry. The Gurley family has reinvented the industry business models to mitigate risk and shift collaborative engagements that reward risk-taking and long-term partnerships. 3G Drywall’s highly diverse and seasoned crew uses lean construction techniques to reduce challenges in productivity and alleviate construction time-lines.
The company enables general contractors to establish an internal schedule to focus manpower in committing to deadlines, enforce job site safety, improve cost-efficiency and implement engineering solutions that contribute to the project’s success. “We take great care with each project because we consider our employees, partners and clients as an extension of our family. As a closely knit-team, we keep every team member in the loop to have multiple eyes on every project,” states Ray Gurley Jr, Founder, and Partner at 3G Drywall.

3G Drywall aims to bring value by offering client-centric services in a demanding construction environment without breaking the bank. “We cater to any unique need of a general contractor, which a typical drywall company might decline to accommodate,” further adds Daniel Arterberry, Operations Manager.

In addition, to combat supply-chain disruptions, the company maintains a stock of construction materials in its inventory to shorten material-lead times and equip teams to minimize costly downtime quickly. “We see the bigger picture in our client’s construction projects, owing to our combination of unique experience of our team, We continue to push the limits on what we can do as a company, explains Arterberry.

What differentiates 3G Drywall from the rest of the competition in the market is its capability to stay in line with the current technology industry trends and flexible business model to support client’s endeavors. The company offers unique value propositions such as enhanced flexibility by being able to do any type of construction project. “We do not limit ourselves on just doing interior projects or the quote un quote easy projects. We look for the projects that our competition does not want to do. The more challenging and complex projects. We create vendor relationships and partnerships that help us meet clients demands. We would not be Game Changers without our vendors,” Mathew Gurley Founder, and Partner at 3G Drywall.

The ever-increasing demand and competition within the construction industry post-COVID have forced companies to respond more effectively to customers’ requirements. Developers and contractors are treating this period of change as a learning curve, reassessing needs and working out strategic deals to transform and improve their current operational performances while encompassing customer-orientated practices. As the pandemic put forth new levels of complexity in projects, 3G Drywall continued to invest in its field management teams with the aim of delivering projects on time and budget with a great level of quality. “We push leadership training on a high level, we try to provide opportunities for employees to move up the ladder. We recently added an operation manager role to continue our growth,” explains Mathew Gurley. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to maintaining its employees and clients’ well-being has resulted in successful and significant geographic expansion.

“When the COVID-19 crisis struck, instead of sticking to what other construction firms call their bread and butter. We were accustomed to adapting and diversifying our services to meet the customer’s varied needs,” elucidates Gurley Jr. One such strategy is prefabrication. This method utilizes components made off-site in a factory to be assembled to entire structures on-site, allowing teams to deliver high-quality, cost-conscious projects. “We wanted to take a different approach to this and to the material shortage going on right now. We wanted to use pre fab on a smaller and more cost effective way for our clients”. We wanted to keep more material in stock and communicate project material demands with our vendors,” explains Gurley Jr. 3G Drywall surpassed its previous production record in 2020 in merely four months into this year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Recently, it established a remote branch in San Antonio and is consistently experiencing growth in terms of service demands. Soon, the Austin-based company plans to continue expanding into different markets and grow its existing customer base. “We take pride in going-out of our comfort zone to make a general contractor’s life easier. We are looking into taking on different scope items and different markets as company goals,” concludes Gurley Jr.
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3G Drywall


Gurley Jr., Founder, and Partner

Provides metal stud framing, drywall, insulation, and acoustical ceilings

"We strive to be a game-changer in the drywall industry by going the extra mile to meet the complex demands of our clients while transforming the drywall industry by leading, innovating, and providing superior service"

- Gurley Jr., Founder, and Partner

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