A Developers Guide to Helping the Contractor Get Dry.

Chris Hauska, National Director of Quality Assurance, Gables Residential

A Developers Guide to Helping the Contractor Get Dry.

Moving at the Speed of Construction

Todd Engle, Communications Strategist, Terracon

Moving at the Speed of Construction

Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Horizon of Intelligent Buildings

Mitchell Britto, Director, Smart Building Services, TDIndustries

Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Horizon of Intelligent Buildings

Pioneering a Cloud-Ready Construction Ecosystem

Tooey Courtemanche, CEO, Procore Technologies

Pioneering a Cloud-Ready Construction EcosystemTooey Courtemanche, CEO, Procore Technologies

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” While Colin Davis’ wise words will continue to hold its relevance in time, the struggle to achieve that triumph is often left untold. This story highlights one such instance of trial and error and perseverance. From a very young age, Tooey Courtemanche displayed fascination in construction while accompanying his father’s numerous DIY construction projects. Later, he sharpened his skills by taking up many construction jobs, and dropped out of college to choose construction as a profession in the San Francisco Bay Area. As fate would have it, Courtemanche met his ‘to be mentor’ at the center of the technology boom in Silicon Valley, where he learnt to code and solve enormous engineering challenges, and developed his new love for ‘building’ software.

Fast forward to 1996, Courtemanche had harnessed all the ingredients to become an entrepreneurial success, and established a software development company focused on web applications. It was while building a home for his new family of three, when Courtemanche noticed the sheer complexity and lack of coordination within the construction ecosystem. An avid innovator by nature, he built a web-based collaboration tool that ensured the entire team was on the same page and avoided errors during the construction project. This small experiment is what eventually birthed the idea of Procore Technologies. Emphasizing the significance of communication in the construction management landscape, Procore streamlines and mobilizes project communications and documentation through a cloud-based construction software. “Our goal is to help construction professionals enhance project success by simplifying project management with powerful and collaborative software,” says Tooey Courtemanche, Founder and CEO, Procore.

Procore assists construction professionals in simplifying project management with state-of-the-art collaborative software. The company also offers a myriad of products for Construction Project Management, Construction Financials, Quality and Safety, and Field Productivity processes. Procore’s construction management solutions help construction firms in overcoming the challenges that accompany paper-based documentation, email chains, and spreadsheets by streamlining and mobilizing communications and documentation of construction projects.

The firm’s project management tools aid contractors in collecting real-time data, mitigating unwanted downtimes, and reinforcing productivity. With Procore’s Project Management offerings, construction projects experience comprehensive visibility and avoid loopholes during project planning. The bidding functionality enables companies to keep track of bidding and packages and allows project managers to automatically attach it to the emails sent before sending to the vendor. 

This feature can also analyzes documents including plans, specs, PDFs, and other files from other construction software packages including CAD and spreadsheets.

Our goal is to help construction professionals enhance project success by simplifying project management with powerful and collaborative software

A Solution Featuring Built-In Safety

Security, being one of the paramount concerns among managers in construction, Procore pays special attention to providing customizable real-time information on daily processes. This enables project managers to detect and deter the potential hazards, acting as a fail-safe mechanism toward project success. Furthermore, Procore’s quality and safety solution helps users to create customized reports and take prompt action based on those reports to mitigate project risks. Moreover, with the Daily Log Tool, contractors can keep track of routine tasks such as equipment, materials, labor, communication, and job site events. By examining the number of working hours, contractors can supplement the uptime of each worker and subsequently improve their productivity and efficiency. Along with real-time labor productivity, the Daily Log Tool enhances the data entry work by bulk entry feature. It also displays pre-scheduled tasks and permits subcontractors to analyze work progress on a day-to-day basis.

The other essential component, The Incidents Tool, equips construction companies to manage risks, identify trends, and discover actionable insights to eliminate unfortunate accidents and subsequently take precautionary measures to stop it. This enables companies to utilize and gain insights of near miss situations and injury patterns of workers through incident data. These actionable insights collected by the Incidents Tool allows construction sites to reduce onboarding, quarterly training, toolbox talks, and other add-on safety programs. In addition to that, it helps project managers to continually work on improving their safety program and subsequently avoid unfortunate incidents. Procore introduced Construction Financials to bring unprecedented economical benefits to project managers, CFOs, and other key financial stakeholders while handling multiple projects.

Construction Financials’ unified platform not only enables project managers to record, report, and track real-time cost impacts but also drives better decision-making. Additionally, field teams get all the necessary information and the accounts department is able to easily maintain the overall record of projects and company finances. Hence, with every change, Construction Financials automatically informs the concerned persons about the impact it can have on the business’ bottom line.

Reinforcing Business Success

During its more than a decade-long journey, the company has scaled to new heights, which can be attributed to Procore’s customer-centric approach and unique value proposition. In one instance, Robins & Morton, a firm specialized in building complex healthcare, commercial, and education projects approached Procore to manage the complexities within their document retention process. 

Before their association with Procore, the client organization purchased four different software solutions to successfully run their quality and safety programs in combination. However, the use of multiple solutions aggravated complexities in the process of holding and processing vital information that was harnessed from different data sources. As a result, it called for a centralized system that can aid them to overcome the existing challenges and can house all the project information starting from drawings and punch lists to specs and observations. Robins & Morton signed up with Procore’s beta program and developed new quality and safety tools that helped in eradicating the complexities of document retention.

At Procore we’re committed to delivering products and solutions that improve the lives of everyone in the construction industry

In another instance, Lennar Multifamily—one of America’s leading homebuilders—were having similar type of issues in garnering updated information in their projects and were looking for a solution that could help them transit from their existing accounting solution to a hosted collaborative project-centric software. Their existing software did not always reflect the most recent project information and was bringing unnecessary downtimes on several construction projects. To eliminate the time-consuming process and discrepancies that lie within the existing accounting software, Lennar Multifamily deployed Procore’s cloud-based project management software and mobile app platform. The solution helped the client to store and share project data, drawings, and documentation— without being tied to an in-house server. Furthermore, Lennar Multifamily also encouraged its client base to build custom apps and integrations using Procore’s API offering. As a result, it brought forth endless integration opportunities in their projects and helped them to address the technical, financial, and other business challenges.

Future-Ready Construction Processes

Since its outset, Procore is committed to excel in the market and creating partnerships with equally passionate companies to play a revolutionary role in digitalizing the construction sphere. A list of some of their prominent partners includes Calance, Dexter + Chaney, DocuSign, smart sheet, ChainSys, and Cosential. The firm’s recent collaboration with Sage, a market leader in construction accounting software, empowers the company to optimize business management and further strengthen business relationships in the construction ecosystem. Furthermore, the firm also has an Innovation Lab, which allows engineers, designers, and product managers to work in a collaborative environment for solving upcoming construction management problems. As of December 2018, Procore has closed $75 million funding, which will be leveraged to support product development, partner platform expansion, and continued investment in hiring and developing top talent. “At Procore we’re committed to delivering products and solutions that improve the lives of everyone in the construction industry, so we will continue to invest in the core areas of our business that have direct positive impact for our users,” concludes Courtemanche.

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